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The Geylang International FC coaches and players were at Marine Parade CC this morning watching the #Germany vs #Argentina #WorldCup2014 along with over 400 residents! The interesting part about the team is that they have a German Head Coach, a Argentinean Asst Coach and they recently recruited 3 Argentinean players, along with 2 Japanese players! All very cute I assure you!
#Singapore #football #SLeague #PA #sgmemory #cute (at Marine Parade CC)

Had a fabulous time on the @shawsg red carpet of the “The Guardians Of The Galaxy’South-East Asia 
Red Carpet Event @ Shaw House. @onerealzoe was really beautiful and looked gorgeous in her dress!!
Thank you Shaw for the wonderful time we had and the fab gifts! Looking forward to catching the movie at IMAX Lido!
#GuardiansOfTheGalaxySG (at Shaw Lido)

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